Village motifs of the past

Mustač is authentic in what he most often tells or paints. He went through each scene from paintings countless times, and by looking at those scenes today, their persistence seems extra-dimensional, surreal. Only fifty years ago, it was very real and authentic. What the camera or some poetic chronicler failed to preserve, Mustač skilfully preserved it through the colours poured onto the painting paper.


Landscapes carved in the eye of Franjo Mustač Medarov most often depict the horizon of his homeland. The images that always appeared to him when he returned home by train, from a station few kilometres away, the lasting inspiration and fundamental motif for most of the landscape paintings he has made. A special “manuscript” is evident in cornstalk, stripped willows and cool, winter landscapes.

Still life

Still life motifs depict objects and food from the kitchens of former houses in Međimurje. During that time, clay jars and vessels, as well as fruits that thrived in the local area of the north-western Croatia were specific. This is a kind of temple of life and dedication to the survival of the Croatian peasant.

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